Zawawi Minerals LLC is mainly focused on developing international level high quality mining projects across a range of minerals and metal ores such as Gypsum, Limestone, Dolomite, Chrome Ore, and more. We specialize in developing low-risk, proven minerals resources.

Our experienced team of industry professionals has extensive knowledge and understanding of the environmental, governmental, and technical and safety requirements needed to successfully develop challenging mining and value addition projects.

Our primary objective is to ensure its people operate in the safest environment possible through the implementation of world-class operating policies and procedures while generating a satisfactory support for the country’s social-economic growth.

Since 2009, we have grown through the development of strategic partnerships with global leaders in their field resulting in a diversified business portfolio that includes:

  • Gypsum and Chrome Ore mining projects
  • Gypsum board manufacturing project
  • Terrestrial Lidar and conventional survey services

Our Gypsum mining operations and Gypsum board manufacturing project in Salalah will contribute to valuable foreign exchange earnings for the country in addition to providing employment opportunities and skill development for local communities in the Dhofar Region.

The projects will be adopting American environmentally responsible mining and manufacturing technology, to comply with all applicable national and international standards related to safety and environmental quality matters.

Since part of the gypsum board production will be used in the Sultanate of Oman as an import substitute, the local vendors and subcontractors along with design consultants, will be required to use this product, thereby supporting the development of related downstream industry.

Our Joint Ventures will pursue a strategy of training and skills development while employing local people to the maximum possible extent, and supporting local social development.

Zawawi Minerals is part of Alawi Enterprises LLC, the interest of Qais bin Abdul Munim Al-Zawawi family and the group is managed by Alawi Al-Zawawi, Talal Al-Zawawi, Abdulmunim Al-Zawawi, Siham Al-Zawawi and Lubna Al-Zawawi.