2014 – Zawawi Minerals became a part of transcontinental partnership with USG Corporation & Boral Ltd for gypsum mining and gypsum board manufacturing in Oman, USG Corporation divested its 50% share holdings in Zawawi Gypsum LLC and USG-Zawawi Drywall LLC SFZ to Boral Ltd, Australia.
2013 – Sun National Minerals secured a high grade Chrome ore mining license in North of Oman.
2012 – Established a joint venture with 3D Engineering Surveys Ltd, United Kingdom for providing terrestrial LiDAR and conventional survey services.
2012 – Completed divestment of 55% shareholding in Zawawi Gypsum LLC and 50% shareholding in Zawawi Drywall LLC SFZ (name changed to USG-Zawawi Drywall LLC SFZ) to USG Corporation, USA.
2010 – Acquired 80% share holding in Sun National Minerals LLC.
2010 – Developed gypsum business strategy, and established two 100% wholly owned subsidiary (i) Zawawi Gypsum LLC for gypsum mining & crushing project (ii) Zawawi Drywall LLC SFZ for setting up a gypsum board manufacturing plant in Sultanate of Oman.
2009 – Identified a natural GYPSUM resource in Oman, conducted exploration/due-diligence study, and established mineable high grade gypsum resources along with other minerals like Limestone and Dolomite resources.
2009 – Started Chrome Ore trading/export business.