Boral, Australia

Recently, our partner USG Corporation incorporated a 50:50 Joint venture with Boral Limited, Australia (Asia’s leading gypsum board manufacturing company) to form for a world-leading gypsum board & ceilings manufacturing and distribution joint venture in Asia, Australasia & the Middle East.

Following completion of Boral’s current capacity expansions in Vietnam and China and USG-Zawawi’s new capacity in Oman, the USG-Boral JV will have 633 million square meters of capacity in the region, or 6.8 billion square feet.

The new joint venture includes Boral’s operations in Asia, and Australia, including interests in GRA and Rondo; and USG’s wholly-owned operations in Asia and New Zealand; as well as USG’s joint ventures in China, the Middle East, including Oman joint venture with Zawawi Minerals LLC.

Boral is an international building and construction materials group, with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Boral produces and distributes a broad range of construction materials, including quarry products, cement, fly ash, pre-mix concrete and asphalt; and building products, including clay bricks and pavers, clay and concrete roof tiles, concrete masonry products, plasterboard and timber. Boral primarily serves customers in the building and construction industries with operations concentrated in three key geographical markets – Australia, the USA and Asia.

The USG-Boral JV will become an ideal opportunity for Zawawi Minerals to further strengthen our foothold in the GCC and India’s booming cement and construction market.

Overview of Boral Ltd

§ USD 3.50 billion market cap
§ USD 5.40 billion revenue in FY 2013
§ Construction Materials, Gypsum Board Products and Gypsum