Zawawi 3D Services Llc

Zawawi Minerals LLC 50%

3D Engineering Surveys Ltd 50%

Zawawi 3D Services LLC is a joint venture formed in the Sultanate of Oman between Zawawi Minerals LLC and 3D Engineering Surveys Ltd, United Kingdom. The purpose of this joint venture is to provide terrestrial LiDAR and conventional survey with a complete in-house workflow directed by Chartered Surveyors.

Terrestrial laser scanning technology is utilized to rapidly capture an as-built survey of various assets globally. These can be used to cost-effectively survey multiple sites and produce high quality deliverables.

The company brings together local market access and industry understanding with deep technological expertise and execution capability. This has already led to a growing list of local and global clients across many different sectors in Oman. We offer various services like,

  • Point Cloud Surveys
  • Classified Point Clouds
  • Route Surveys
  • 360° Images
  • Structure Surveys
  • As Built Surveys / 3D Models
  • HSE Trained Surveyors
  • Movement & Deformation Monitoring
  • Conventional Topographic Surveys
  • Volumetric and Material Surveys
  • Design Clash Checking
  • Verticality Surveys
  • Large Area Mapping
  • BIM Surveys
  • As Built Surveys
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • GPR and CBR